Toile Blanche films

Since 2008, Toile Blanche supported many independant films including:

Temps Plein: a documentary about the DIY french scene.


Une terre fertile : how tho share the peasants’ knowledge with a camera and a small projector?


Le Marionnettiste aux pieds nus: Ramniwas the puppet master tells how to brave the forbidden caste led him to realize that there was an inequality even stronger.

Le Jour et la Nuit: She serves coffees and paint on daytime while he drives a taxi during the night. In the stream of the city and the days, nothing seems to announce their meeting.
Semper Fi
Beyond a Jazz album, what does the name Semper Fi really means?
Coming from the futur, Gonzo has a mission:  gather a dreamteam and organize a concert to save the world.