The story of Toile Blanche #1 Chellywood

Around September 2008, a meeting around a table. Almost all of us knows each others already, at least in sight, thanks to our neighborhood teenage newspaper, the local musical scene, the association dedicated to cinema. In short, the pool is here already.  Got a project? Yep! And who knows? Maybe you’re concerned.

Everything comes from a script with empty spaces: we base our work on the narrative plot of La Jetée by Chris Marker, the enigma of history and the evil loop of time, but there are blank pages so that everyone can appropriate the project with his own ideas.

Why do we do it this way and not a good old fashion movie? Because by doing this, we slightly move the purpose of a production: the goal of the game is less to invent a film to conquer the world of cinema, than to invent a way to live together by making a film. And then it’s also a way of decentering the verticalized organization of movie sets, where everything revolves around the artist’s leader. We do not build a human pyramid to hoist one of us to the Olympian spheres, we create an alternative sphere where everyone has his place and his word.

So let’s go: Kenny draws the plans of the machine (here bellow), that we tinker in the garage of Fabio’s father, meanwhile Basile struggle to get the Renault 4L started. Pat prepares a musical set with the Gonzo band and theatre scenes that will comes in between during the screening of the movie. Esmeralda sings, Yann decide that Gonzo will wear a tattoo, (so we rewrite the script and find a key idea for the movie), then he gradually deploy his knitting genius and then Toby Screamer brings a great soundtrack.

Of course there is the film itself and all of those who participate. There is a strong collective energy: we work, we laugh, the atmosphere is good and creative. It’s fun to cross the city with such an unexpected time machine.  When they control us, cops themselves feels a bit lost when we explain that it works with a nuclear plant. Fortunately, they don’t notice that the above-mentionned reactors starts to smells the burn.

The week before the event, we invest the house of Fabio’s parents, left vacant a few weeks before its sale. Here meet the staff for the endgame. Day and night we work, play music, organize meetings, repeat, coordinate, secretly wish this kind of moment last all life long.

By the way, what about the after? Are we inventing a model of work organization, of life in community? Will we be able to do what we love all the time, will be be free to work on what we want? Where will we find the money? Shouldn’t we have anticipated that little issue? Prepare a plan, a project, a business plan, find a job, a career plan?

Well… guess it will be time to think about it when the after comes.

Then came this email, in response to an invitation sent to a certain, with a collage  of encouragement, the one that can be seen opening the article, and which worth more than any reward:


It all sounds extremely stimulating, and I’d like to have a
tenth life to respond to this kind of invitation. But I do not have the power to invent time, and simply to overcome everything what I have in the yard, I run after the minutes. The cat
Guillaume, also interested in your company, begs you
transmit a collage of encouragement.

ll the best

Chris ”


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