A summer in the Cresso

Summer 2009, the director in charge of municipal cultural affairs tells us that an area is about to be destroyed and rebuilt. The agglomeration community wants to send artists to occupy the premises for a few weeks.

The Chellywood adventure is right behind us and the first wave of the collective is vigorous so we say yes, of course. Occupy an apartment, or two or three. Let’s call friends, let’s organize things. Once there, we’ll find something to do for sure. That’s what we did. In a more or less methodical urge of spontaneous desires, Basile supervised the making of a garden (and a ton of earth) in a 4th floor apartment next to the improvised art gallery designed by Le manifeste coloré, an association of artist friends. There is also this wall on the front of the building, an approximately white wall that gives us very quickly the idea to paint a fresco. Of course we took the opportunity to meet, to party, to work on our projects. We also tried to film all that, without questionning.

Almost a decade later these footages are meaningful. Without any doubt it brings a portrait with no leniency about the strengths and weaknesses of youth. But first and before all, it demonstrates that everything remains to be done.


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