Bungalow sessions

Third feature lenght self-produced by Nicolas Drolc, Bungalow session will be screened on April 2nd 2019 before a concert of Andy Dale Petty.

Synopsis: Some native American tribes believe it is impossible to truly know a place outside of a 500-yard radius of your own home.

It seems French filmmaker Nicolas Drolc shares that belief.

Drolc wanted to make a film about contemporary American roots, folk and gospel music – however, he couldn’t afford to leave his home base known as “the bungalow” in North Eastern France.

He solved the geographical problem by inviting his favorite musicians to visit him, play in a local dive bar and subject themselves to improvised questioning and field recordings the next morning at Drolc’s dwellings.

The result is a loose, yet intimate discourse on a variety of issues ranging from the creative process to day to day life in this rather confused era we refer to as the 21st century.

The Bungalow Sessions feature Alabama troubadour Andy Dale Petty, former GORIES & Detroit legend Danny Kroha, the one-eyed soul-saver Reverend Deadeye, California folk prophet Willy Tea Taylor, folksinger and teacher Possessed by Paul James, and the grand seigneur of basement-gospel known as the Dad Horse Experience.

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